Leaving the Port

It sneaks up on us. It creeps into our way of thinking. The idea that “preserving the ship” is the highest aim. St. Thomas, by his simply words, reminds us the port is not where we belong.

Our ships take on many different forms but they have one purpose – to carry us towards that higher aim – to conform ourselves to the Image of Christ.

Let us not be anchored to the fear our ship may be battered around by the uncertain winds and waves which blow outside the safe waters of port. Let us not be anxious of being taken off course by changing currents or unforeseen obstacles. Let us not be gripped by the fear that our ship may be unrecognizable when it finally comes back to port.

Let us be reminded these ships that God has supplied are to be used to cast out into the deep, into those uncertain waters. Let us boldly offer all to him, so He can make the miracle happen in our lives. Let us be confidently turn our faces to the wind and trust in his promises.

So persevere Homeschool Mama and cast your vessel into the deep. Your ship is seaworthy, your course has been charted by the Ultimate Navigator, offer all you have and look for the miracle.

Plus, if the vessel does sink, we have a lifeguard who walks on water! LOL

Peace and blessings beautiful Homeschool Mama