Finally, it is happening!

Be on the lookout for a new and exciting project!

I am thrilled to announce I’m making the leap into the realm of podcasting with the CLASSICAL MATTERS podcast.

In the world of Classical Education, there are ample resources in the areas of content, curriculum and program creation but growth is still needed in the area of training and development for the teacher. Classical educators like you are seeking to hone their craft because we believe well cultivated educators result in flourishing students.

But, we are a busy lot, aren’t we? The training and development must be manageable and workable with our already full schedules.  It must be worthy of our time. 

I hear you! You want
  • quality training and development
  • manageable and workable opportunities
  • easily accessible options

Questions? Don’t worry. I will be posting additional information MONDAY, AUGUST 22, during the official podcast launch, on what this means for you and how you can easily access this new engaging content. Watch the video below for what’s in store. But if you just can’t wait and want early access, shoot me off an email to and I will hook you up with a preview of the podcast!



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the CLASSICAL MATTERS podcast launch