Trivium Workshop


HOW GRAMMAR, LOGIC AND RHETORIC can help you thrive as a homeschool mama
Presented by Bonnie Landry from Make Joy Normal and Crystal Joy Campbell from Cultivating Classical Educators and Classical Matters

In classical education, one foundational principle is the Trivium Arts. The Trivium Arts are broken down into Grammar, Logic and Rhetoric. If you are working at providing a classical education or would like to learn more about the practices, terminology, and how to apply them in your everyday teaching, then this workshop series is for you.

This series will provide the opportunity to explore the nature, purpose and practices of the Trivium
Arts. You will learn about the art of grammar and how it applies to the foundation of understanding,
the art of logic and making connections, and the art of rhetoric to bring it all together. As we develop
our understanding and application, we hone our craft. The result of this is the flourishing of our

Join Bonnie and Crystal for our Trivium Workshop Series: Honing Your Craft where you will deepen
your understanding and experience of Classical Education. These 3 fun filled, but challenging
workshops will cultivate excellence as you grow and develop in a community of like-minded

Workshop 1

Grammar – Not Just the Parts of Speech

You will learn how naming and knowing build the best foundation for understanding.

Workshop 2

Logic – All Things Connected

You will learn how to make connections to lead us toward the true, good, and beautiful.

Workshop 3

Rhetoric – The Meeting of Minds and Hearts

We will explore how sharing information with clarity and charity cultivates community